Procedure 4

Endotracheal Medication Administration




A.  Introduction

Endotracheal medication administration is indicated in instances when IV access is delayed or unavailable.  Medications that can be administered via the ET tube include Lidocaine, Epinephrine, Atropine, and Narcan (L.E.A.N.).

B.  Procedure

General Care

ALS        1.      Medications to be administered via the ET tube should be           administered at a dose two times the usual IV dosage unless         otherwise specified.  Medications will be mixed with Normal Saline     to achieve a 10ml solution for placing into the ET tube.

2.      If CPR is in progress, stop chest compressions and inject the medication into the ET tube.

3.      Use the BVM to deliver several quick ventilations to aerosolize the medication.

4.      Resume CPR if indicated.

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